Montag, 5. November 2012

Astonishing the gods

His guide paused. Then, as if concious of the wasted generosity of what he was about to impact, but having faith anyway, the guide said:
"Do you realize that you know more than you think to know? Do you realize that if you use all you know and all the possibilities within you, that there is almost nothing that you can't do? More serious than that is the fact: if you use more than you know that you know, the world will be as paradise. What we know compared to what we don't know is like a grain of sand compared to a mountain. But what we don't know, our unsuspected possibilities, is immense in us.  That is our true power and kingdom. When nations do amazing things, that is because they create from what they know. And that is a lot. When they do extraordinary things, that is because they create from places in themselves they didn't suspect were there. But when a nation or an idividual creates things so sublime - in a soft sort of permanent genius of inventireness and delight - when they create things so miraculous that they are not seen or noticed or remarked upon by even the best minds around, then that is because they create always from the vast unknown places within them. They create always from beyond. They make the undiscovered places and infinities in them their friend. They live on the invisible fields of their hidden genius. And so their most ordinary achievments are always touched with genius. Their most ordinary achievments, however, are what the world sees, and acclaims. But their most extraordinary achievments are unseen, invisible, and therefore cannnot be destroyed. This endures forever. Such is the dream and reality of this land. I speak with humility."
Ben Okri - Astonishing the gods.

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